Honouring confidentiality, client names have been changed.

ST – Health and Safety Professional – Career & Personal Coaching

“I was at a crossroads in life. My personal life had drastically changed and my career was stagnant. I felt stuck. Thankfully I reached out to Carina as I was desperate to get some traction. Her ontological coaching came at just the right time.

Through thought-provoking questions, deep and meaningful exercises, and a warm and caring ear she was able to set me back on the right course.

Carina didn’t give me a quick prescription to my ails, but rather challenged my deeply ingrained perspectives of myself and my life. Even when I wanted to give up, Carina kept encouraging me to push through.

Ultimately, I reached my tangible goals, but it was my shift in my confidence and life perspective that was my greatest achievement thanks to her support.

Two years later, I am in working in my dream job and have created my own loving family. I would highly recommend Carina to anyone who wants push through their own self-imposed limitations or looking to excel in any facet in life be it personal or professional.”

JJ – Professional Hockey Player – Mindset, Health & Career Coaching

“There is always one special and unique person that you turn to in difficult times and situations in your life, Carina was that person for me. From the first meeting, I felt a level of comfort and mutual understanding.  She made sense of things I was struggling with, put them into terms that resonated with me, and gave me tools to manage stressful situations on my own. She has taught me many skills that have helped and truly cares about my success.

Since I have known Carina she has never stopped learning, showing her passion for being the best she can be, in order to better serve others. She is very knowledgeable and continues to grow in order to be more valuable to her clients.

I can not thank Carina enough for the time she has spent with me and, for the tools she has given me to make myself better in many different aspects of life. I look forward to continue working with Carina, and continuing to tap her skill sets to grow in my own life.”

SN – Professional Hockey Player – Career & Mindset Coaching

“Carina has an emotional intelligence that can’t be taught. She understands each person on an individual level. Working with her allows you to become a well-rounded person in all aspects of your life. No one should define themselves in one way, and by having a well-balanced life, you move towards a path of success.

Carina helped me figure out what my goals were and helped me carve out the path to accomplish them. She also helped me work around obstacles along the way, setting me up to manage them and understand my own skills.”

DA – National Team Athlete – Mindset and Time Management Coaching

“I met Carina while juggling academic, athletic, national team and work commitments. I felt lost, overwhelmed and was struggling to find the right balance. Working with Carina, I was able to organize and manage my busy life and goals.

No professional or personal hurdle is too much for Carina. She is a reliable, open-minded and fair coach who is extremely skilled and qualified. Working with her allowed me to accelerate my development and she equipped me with skills that helped me excel.

Carina helped me articulate a plan that resulted in successful completion of my education, achievement of my international athletic goals and enhancement of my personal life. She showed me how to excel in, and balance each one. As I close one chapter of my life, and move into international sport and career planning, I feel confident as a result of Carina’s coaching and development work.  I am excited for the next stage.”