National Team Athlete – Career and Life after University Graduation Coaching

S.C. – National Team Athlete & Recent University Graduate

I met Carina while juggling academic, athletic, national team and work commitments. I felt lost, overwhelmed and was struggling to find the right balance. Working with Carina, I was able to organize and manage my busy life and goals.

No professional or personal hurdle is too much for Carina. She is a reliable, open-minded and fair coach who is extremely skilled and qualified. Working with her allowed me to accelerate my development and she equipped me with mindsets and knowledge that helped me excel.

After graduation, Carina helped me articulate a plan that resulted in successful achievement of my international athletic goals and enhancement of my personal life, as well as preparation for my career through understanding my personality and strengths. I wish I knew these earlier!

She showed me how to excel in, and balance each aspect of my life which is very valuable for a high performance athlete.  As I move into an international sport and career planning, I feel confident as a result of Carina’s coaching and development work.

I am excited for the next stage.