Life Strategy, Personal and Career Coaching Client

L.S.  – Health and Safety Professional – Career & Personal Coaching

“I was at a crossroads in life. My personal life had drastically changed and my career was stagnant. I felt stuck. Thankfully I reached out to Carina as I was desperate to get some traction. Her ontological coaching came at just the right time.

Through thought-provoking questions, deep and meaningful exercises, and a warm and caring ear she was able to set me back on the right course.

Carina didn’t give me a quick prescription to my ails, but rather challenged my deeply ingrained perspectives of myself and my life. Even when I wanted to give up, Carina kept encouraging me to push through.

Ultimately, I reached my tangible goals, but it was my shift in my confidence and life perspective that was my greatest achievement thanks to her support.

Two years later, I am in working in my dream job and have created my own loving family. I would highly recommend Carina to anyone who wants push through their own self-imposed limitations or looking to excel in any facet in life, be it personal or professional.”