Professional Athlete Career Strategy Coaching


K.K. – Professional Hockey Player 

“There is always one special and unique person that you turn to in difficult times and situations in your life, Carina was that person for me. From the first meeting I felt a level of comfort and mutual understanding.  She made sense of things I was struggling with, put them into terms that resonated with me, and gave me tools to manage stressful situations on my own. She has taught me many skills that have helped with my success in athletics, academics, and leadership, and truly cares about my success.

Since I have known Carina she has never stopped learning, showing her passion for being the best she can be, in order to better serve others. She is very knowledgeable and continues to grow in order to be more valuable to her clients.

I can not thank Carina enough for the time she has spent with me and for the tools she has given me to make myself better in many different aspects of life. I look forward to continue working with Carina, and continuing to tap her skill sets to grow in my own life.”