The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is one of the world’s most widely used interest inventories.

It is directly applied to educational, retirement and career planning.

Underpinned by rigorous vocational research.

This report and interpretive coaching session will provide you with profound insights into your life.

  • Measures preferences and interests in 30 professional fields of work
  • Ranks the top ten occupations in terms of compatibility with your preferences
  • Additional levels of analysis available for educational and career planning.

Strong Interest Inventory profile, interpretive report and 60 minute coaching session


Customized group workshop (high school, first year university, athletes or recent graduates)

Carina is an experienced facilitator of group interpretations and workshops.  She has worked extensively with students ranging from high school to Ph.D level, helping them to identify and optimize their education and career trajectories.

Let’s chat.

new-yellow-magnet*Please note, I offer a 20% discount on my services for members of the military and emergency services.


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