What is a NOW Page?

You may be wondering, what on earth is a “Now” page.

This is a movement, started by a man named Derek Sivers.  

When working with a Coach, it is of vital importance to choose someone you work well with. I believe that out there should have a now page.

When hiring a coach, I want to know who you are, beyond the resume and slick professional coaching photos.

Who are you? Do you have life experiences that inform your coaching? I want to know beyond your professional skills if we are a good fit & will have good synergy.

But what is that person up to?  What are their priorities?  What kind of life do they have?

The “Now” page is a public declaration of current projects and priorities.


I present to you, my NOW page. 

The Great Maternity Leave Project

Enhancing new mothers’ confidence, skills and personal growth at The Great Maternity Leave Blog  and a Facebook page, The Great Maternity Leave 

New motherhood is a time when shells are cracked wide open & there is fertile ground for learning and self development. I am a passionate believer that women can retain their self-identity and engage in development and growth outside of parenting. I meet too many women who have lost their way in life, and it is my goal to prevent this. To create strong, confident women with engaging and fulfilling lives.


Personal Pursuits

I wield the double-edged sword of being a multi-passionate.  I am most often found trail running, trying to survive a CrossFit class with my dignity intact, enjoying outdoors activities here in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, studying and participating in organization, life hacking, reading, writing for multiple outlets, productivity enhancement and studying the latest personal development and business success releases on the app Blink.Ist

I hand-make jewellery and sell internationally via Etsy.  A creative side project and self-sustaining hobby that allows me to indulge in my love of British history. Medieval and tudor inspired jewellery, whose components I collect on world travels.

Training for a 10k trail race

I like running.  I LOVE trail running.  And I think there may be great swag at this race.   I spend a lot of time running the trails in Fish Creek Provincial Park. I want to run an ultra one day. I listen to podcasts on runs, which is my other current passion.  I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferris and Lewis Howes.


I’m a student of life. I love learning and applying lessons to my own life.  I’m happy to experiment.  Currently rotating between several books:  The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance, The Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones, Take a Hike with your Kids, I Know How She Does It:  How Successful Women make the Most of their Time,and Choose Yourself.

Writing Instead of Looking at my iPhone

I don’t sleep well.  Sometimes I’m great at sleep hygiene practices, sometimes not.  Currently, I am. My evenings are screen free.  Instead, I am completing this introspective journal!   or colouring in this adult colouring book.  Highly recommended.

I am currently following the 21 strategies outlined by Shawn Stevenson in his new book.  His interview over at The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes Podcast was brilliant. 


Writing a Children’s Book

I grew up LOVING fantasy and science fiction art, and in the age of digital design, the artwork out there is absolutely mind-blowing. I am currently collaborating with a Croatia-based digital designer to create a fantasy themed children’s book featuring magical art.


Keeping a Visual Inspiration Board and Journal

I’m a visual learner and thinker.

I construct goal setting and vision boards using Pinterest as the first stage. These inspire me to get out there and create the life I enjoy living.

Then, I document them on Instagram.  Not for public consumption, but for my own reflection.  Happiness is found in the afterglow of challenging oneself. Plus, I really enjoy editing photos with the structure filter in Instagram.  I think I’m addicted to it.


Raising Two Small Humans

A 2 year old and a 7 month old. Busy, quiet, fun, boring, exasperating, exhilirating.  It’s a mix of everything and a huge growth and learning opportunity. Small humans are brilliant, fascinating and confusing all at once.

This page has been updated – April 2016.