I guarantee that completing the MBTI Step II assessment will profoundly change your confidence, awareness and self-knowledge.  This can be completed as an individual, partnership or team.  

I have used this instrument with profound results for clients in diverse settings: from business and tech startups, to newly wed couples!

The MBTI is the world’s most popular psychometric / personality analysis tool, backed by science and widespread. It is used by 89% of the Fortune 100 companies, most professional teams and professional practitioners. 

You will receive a full professional personality interpretation that goes beyond your MBTI code. We will dive into facets of your behaviour and mindset, and frame it with coaching for results.  Beyond deepened learning, you will be given the tools to unlock results: This session includes 60 minutes personalized coaching on harnessing the power of your personality type for maximum performance.  

The MBTI® Step II personality inventory results in a detailed understanding of

YOUR unique way of:

1.) Understanding how you show up in your internal and external worlds.

2.) Managing your energy, engagement and stress levels.

3.)  Taking in information and assessing situations.

4.) Executing in your day-to-day life and how you manage time.

Using this tool with clients results in greatly accelerated self-knowledge and self-confidence.

You may see a sample here.


Please submit this secure contact form with your phone number and email so that I may contact you to set up your MBTI Assessment, report and custom coaching session around your results. 





new-yellow-magnet*Please note, I offer a 15% discount on my services for members of the military and emergency services.  Thank you for your service, from one emergency services family to another.




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