How to Build an Online Business – The Basics Explained.

I absolutely cannot wait to share with you some of the skills and the many pieces that are involved in how to get started as an online entrepreneur or professional coach. Whether you’re a new life coach, new health coach, new executive coach or new business coach, solopreneur, intrapreneur, mompreneur, the reality is that you can (and […]

How to Get Started as an Online Coach and How to Build an Online Coaching Business

How to build an online coaching business – how to get started as an online coach

How to Become a Certified Life Coach and Personal Development Coach. Certified Coach Training in Canada.

I receive a lot of inquiries about the process of becoming a professionally certified coach and part of my work with clients, has been helping them to get their businesses set up, particularly in the digital space and knowledge economy.  There are many pieces to social media strategy, technology and entering the digital space as a […]

Why Professional Coaches Do Not Listen to Problems or Give Advice

By Carina Huggins BA, MSS, Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation I was chatting with someone the other day about being a professional coach, and they said to me, “so basically you listen to people’s problems and give advice?” I stopped and thought about that for a moment. The answer that I gave? “No, […]