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An Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Carina Huggins is the Founder and Head Coach of Trajectory Coaching and Development YYC.

A certified professional coach in Calgary, Canada, Carina brings to the table over 3000 hours of confidential  results-oriented coaching experience.

Carina works with clients all over the world, from all walks of life. From professional and olympic athletes, to new mothers, surgeons, to groups within tech startups and local companies. All of these people share the same desire:  They are ready to break through their own sound barrier, grow and achieve new potential in their lives. Whether it is health, personal and professional effectiveness, or lifestyle.

We have access to all of the information, tools and resources we need, yet we do not get the results we desire. 

 This is a high-performance partnership resulting in profound  and permanent shifts in ones  worldview.  It is a commitment to move from good to great and finally achieve breakthroughs.  

Carina holds a Masters in Strategic Studies from the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies in Calgary, Alberta.  With this unique academic background, Carina excels in addressing both the tactical and strategic levels.


An Affiliate Member of the Institute of Coaching, an Affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Carina has access to the cutting edge of human potential and coaching research.

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Carina brings to the table a wealth of diverse experiences. A published author, entrepreneur and business co-founder, social media and digital strategy, a podcaster and researcher.  She has as an intuitive understanding of the shifting digital environment and knowledge economy that is emerging.

Success is multi-faceted and unique to each person.  Carina is here to help you finally achieve the results you desire and in the process, experience multi-dimensional excellence in your life. She speaks the language of multi-potentiates and multi-passionates.

Just a few degrees of adjustment can result in an entirely different flight path.

Are you ready?

Carina (at)


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