Trail Running Makes You Happier and More Creative. Here’s Why.

Trail running changed my life.

Trail running has been a life changer for me, not only in terms of physical health, but also mental health.  Every run deep in a forest, I emerge full of gratitude, incredibly inspired and full of ideas, which is why I got into sharing some live on-the-trail coaching on my youtube channel and instagram, which has deeply impacted many followers over there.

I wanted to share one of these videos today over on my more corporate site, because I know many of you are athletes and may participate in trail running for training.

Trail running makes you happier, and trail running makes you more creative, because it is a flow state activity.  Many of you are familiar with the runners’ high and flow state.

If you enjoy these casual, in-the-moment coaching videos, please, leave a comment. I debated sharing them but if they are of use to you, I am happy to post more!

I’d love to hear what trail running does for you!



Published by Carina

Instagram expert strategist, professional life elevation coach, writer.

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