How to Reduce Fear and Anxiety Before Your Thesis Defence.

In my career so far, I’ve helped prepare hundreds of students successfully move through an utterly terrifying moment in one’s life: The thesis defense. The Standard Advice: Most of the advice around preparing for a thesis defense comes in bullet point form. Get a great night’s sleep! Review your notes! Practice! Have a great breakfast. […]

  Looking to Stop Procrastinating on Your Goals and Improve Time Management? Here is a Tool for You. A major theme in my coaching work in September,┬áis time management and goal setting. Over the last two weeks I’ve been working one on one as well as facilitating group sessions on this topic. Many people find […]

Why Professional Coaches Do Not Listen to Problems or Give Advice

By Carina Huggins BA, MSS, Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation I was chatting with someone the other day about being a professional coach, and they said to me, “so basically you listen to people’s problems and give advice?” I stopped and thought about that for a moment. The answer that I gave? “No, […]